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Customer Comments


"I have 2 house dogs and could never get them to eat store bought treats but these they gobble up! Going to order some more right now! Thanks for the samples because otherwise, I would've never bought them"



"We got our sample pack and the dogs went crazy...No, really...they loved the treats. Our Senior dog that is now eating less and not very interested in treats...went absolutely insane over the lamb treats and the chicken jerky. It is so nice to see him so lively when the treats come out. Our younger loved every single one."



"Received my order FAST and accurately. I was messaged tracking info almost immediately. Quality products that my 2 furbabies LOVE! They haven't tried all that I got them, but they have both approved of what they have had thus far....I have the drool from Hendrix on my sock to prove it! Thank you! We will be ordering again!"

Kristal D

February 6, 2017

"I have two dogs one that eats anything and my picky eater, the sample packs were great, Mr. Picky loved the soft chicken bites and the chicken filet bites, I'm just home from hospital recovering from a stroke, but had to order so Mr. Picky can have some more. Hope he continues to love them! Thank you!"


Nanette T

February 5, 2017
" Nala n Annie girl waiting for me to open their new treats. Thank you for these wonderful samples and for making them so my very picky and very sensitive stomach baby can have them. You have new customers for sure. Will be making my first purchase VERY soon. "

Pam K

February 4, 2017
" Vader, Gracie & Dana wanted to say thank you so much American Butcher Brand for the treats! They were drooling all over before I could even open them! Not sure I could say which one was there favorite because they loved them all! (of course they wanted to sample each kind lol) You have definitely gained some new customers! Great quality and that's what I look for. We will be ordering soon! My kids trying to wait patiently "


Robert C

February 2, 2017
"Just got our sample. Both dogs love them. I have to hide the treats as they are looking for them. Thank you. Jewel & Thor"


Samanta L

January 26, 2017
"Service dog Stephen was very excited for his sampler to arrive yesterday!"



January 17, 2017

"I discovered your treats at the Philly Expo this past Sunday. I have to say my puppies are a pretty spoiled bunch. They absolutely go nuts over these treats. I have purchased many different treats and gone to specialty shops- doggie bakeries. I have never seen my guys go this crazy. Whatever your doing keep doing- Your dedication shows in your product. Which is what really counts for me- the ingredients and how its made. I adore my four legged guys and they are pretty darn special to me. I watch what these guys eat, and try to get the best for them. I also have to watch size, because the little girl had some dental work done. Although soft I can tear in pieces. Thank you for providing a great treat, that's close to home."


Kate S, Dutch Country Animal Rescue

February 27, 2016

"Many thanks to Sydney and everyone at American Butcher Brand for your generous donation of treats for our rescue dogs! Everyone at Dutch Country Animal Rescue appreciates it and our foster dogs are enjoying every bite!!"