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About Us

American Butcher Brand’s commitment is to serve a superior quality pet treat at an affordable price.

With 50 years of combined pet food industry experience, American Butcher Brand brings Ken’s butcher mastery and Jeff’s profound pet food sales knowledge together to create these delicious and natural pet treats.

We serve only the freshest quality meats in the industry. We use only the highest quality USA sourced ingredients

Our products are Gluten Free, Corn Free, Soy Free, Wheat Free, Artificial Preservative Free, BHA/BHT Free, Added Sugar-Free and Artificial Color/Dye Free.

From raw ingredients, to select cuts of meat, to precision roasting, and packaging; our eye is on every detail for your pet’s treats and health.

This is our commitment to you.

Thank you,

Jeff and Ken


A Word from Jeff

Cats and dogs are great companions, I have loved them my whole life.  I have been in the pet food sales industry since 1976. What drives me is my passion. I created American Butcher Brand because I want your pet to be healthy and happy. I know the industry and I know what’s in your pet’s treats. 

My commitment is to directly deliver, the freshest made in America, USDA sourced (MEAT) treats, at the best prices with the fastest delivery.

Your pets will love you.



A word from Ken:

 I got my start in the meat industry servicing hucksters in Philadelphia who sold meat and eggs door-to-door.

Later I branched out into several farmers markets selling fresh beef, pork, veal, and lamb direct to our customers. I had fifteen to twenty chest freezers located in my barn and customers would pick up and pay for pet food products based on the honor system.

At American Butcher Brand I use the best meat and finest raw material with no extra fillers or preservatives for our pet treats. I wake up every morning striving for the highest standards for the pets you love.

Ken Sr.