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Adopting a Shelter Dog for Christmas (Tips & Promotion)

Adopting a Shelter Dog for Christmas (Tips & Promotion)

Many families are winding down their Christmas festivities and after a flurry of gift wrap, tinsel, and packaging has been picked up off the floor, some families may have a little something else to clean too. 

Gift cards, new toys, video games…dogs…

Yes! There are families out there who chose to surprise their family with a little puppy or a doggy from an animal shelter. However, adopting animals from a shelter is a little more intensive than receiving one from a pet store or having your dog birth its own. 

American Butcher Brand wants to provide you and your growing family with some tips on how to acclimate your new friend to the home. 


ABB knows the importance of family and the beautiful dynamic of having a pet. If you are one of the wonderful families that chose to adopt from an animal shelter this year, we want to reward you.

Whether you see this post through email, social media, or the blog post on our site, please shoot us a message or leave a comment talking about your adoption. Send us a picture of your new dog along with documentation of the adoption, and we’ll send your pooch a Christmas gift.

We are also in the process of creating an ABB Dog Program, where we follow up with your family pet and offer special promotions. 

So please, get in touch with us, and claim your reward!



The first thing you need to ask yourself about bringing in a pet is: “Are we ready and capable of having a pet?” 

Bringing a pet into your home, while not as life changing as say a baby, is still a huge responsibility. This animal needs love, care, and affection. It needs to be clean, fed, and engaged. 

Not only do you have an obligation to care for the pet, but you also need the financial stability to care for the dog. Dog food cost money, dog products, and accessories cost money, and veterinarian check ups do too. Not to mention the occasional chewed on couch or slipper.  

Another question to ask, “Are my kids ready for pets?” Will you be taking care of this pet? Will your children be taking of it? These are but a few of the things to consider when bringing a new pet into the house. 

If you have definitive answers and solutions for these questions, then proceed!


Dog-proofing your home should occur a bit before the pet enters the house but can be adjusted as you get to know your dog. 

Make sure all openings or exists are able to properly be closed off so your dog doesn’t run off. If there are cabinets, closets, bins, etc. that contain potentially harmful contents to the dog, ensure that they are locked up or out of reach. 

Dog’s, especially in new surroundings, can be a bit mischievous, so pay attention!


Remember, you are bringing your dog into a new and unfamiliar home. It is perfectly normal if your dog seems a bit scared and apprehensive at first. Give your dog space to breathe and time to remain calm and examine his new home. 

Another important thing to remember is that depending on the shelter the dog was at, they may not be used to so much room and freedom. If they were caged or with a lot of dogs, it can be a bit overwhelming. 

Also, many shelter dogs have come from abusive homes or have backgrounds of neglect. Be careful not to startle or get the dog defensive. Try your best to create a peaceful environment for the dog to get acclimated to. This will earn your dog’s trust.


 This ultimately depends on the dog’s background. In some cases, dog’s are already housebroken. They know to go to the bathroom outside, they understand a feeding schedule, etc. Sometimes previously housebroken pets who have been in the shelter for awhile forget, and they will need a refresher. 

More often than not, you will have to completely house train your new pet. Be patient, be rewarding, and be kind, as your pet learns the rules of the house with your firm but caring guidance. 

For every job well done for your new dog, give them a treat (try our Soft Chew Chicken Bites).

Create a steady schedule for walks, meals, and playtime, to get your dog in the rhythm of a routine. 

So here are a few quick tips on what to do with your newly adopted pet. Be sure to ask the shelter for as much info on your new pet as they can give you. Your veterinarian can also provide a lot of professional help and information on how to get your dog properly equipped for your home. 

Lastly, remember to let American Butcher Brand know about your new furry family member!

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